Dental pain can be debilitating. At Sedaros Oral Surgery, we work with a team of medical professionals from your general dentist to your prosthodontist and your primary care physician to schedule oral surgery that resolves recurring dental pain, preserves your oral health, and provides lasting solutions for your general well-being.

Scheduled oral surgery is the result of careful medical attention to developing dental problems and managed dental pain. In some cases, however, patients forego the advice of a dentist and present in local emergency rooms with oral pain. This has a heavy impact on health care costs and can impact wait times for other patients needing emergency care.

The American Dental Association has funded research on the use of emergency rooms in the treatment of dental pain. The study will determine how often emergency rooms are used for pain management related to dental care and whether and how often general anesthesia is used to manage these cases. The research results will help emergency physicians, dentists, and oral surgeons better-coordinate access to care and preventive care in order to keep patients pain-free and emergency rooms efficient. And if you’ve got dental pain to deal with, don’t wait for an emergency visit. Call your dentist or Sedaros Oral Surgery today!