Earth Day is here once more, and as your oral surgeon here in Melbourne, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you to help keep our planet beautiful! Sedaros Oral Surgery is located in the heart of sunny Florida, and we hope that it stays that way for lifetimes to come!

While you might think that Earth Day is just another day, we hope that you’ll take it as an opportunity to do your part in keeping Melbourne the gorgeous city that it is! Taking care of the planet doesn’t need to be a chore—it can be fun! Whether you decide to plant some trees, ride your bike, explore solar power, or start recycling—you can’t go wrong when it comes to helping keep our environment healthy and great.

When it comes to oral surgery and your family’s dental health, at Sedaros Oral Surgery our goal is to take care of you, so we hope that you enjoy taking care of the earth! Contact our office in Melbourne today to find out more about how you could benefit from a consultation with Dr. Sedaros and his caring staff.