As your oral surgery associates in Melbourne, Florida we take pride in helping you achieve optimal health through several different available procedures. Dr. Sedaros recognizes the importance of proper oral health not only to your physical status but also to your overall wellbeing. There have been several studies completed that suggest smiling more often can contribute to a more positive mental health.

According to science research, smiling can affect more than just your appearance. Even forced smiles can have a positive impact on your brain and your happiness because of the connection between the cranial and the smiling muscles. Studies have discovered that simply smiling can be just as mentally stimulating as collecting a considerable sum of money. Your brain takes the amount you are smiling into account in order to help it determine what mood you are currently in.

While most people believe you smile because you’re happy—it’s likely that smiling can be a factor of your happiness. Whether you require wisdom teeth removed, jaw surgery, sleep apnea correction, or a number of other oral procedures, Dr. Sedaros looks forward to improving your smile, health and happiness.