Suppose you are in Florida and have suffered some type of facial trauma that resulted in a tooth being knocked out. In that case, specific procedures would need to be followed to increase the chances of a sound restoration or replacement. In some instances, an oral surgeon is necessary to determine what type of treatment will best suit a particular patient.

Sometimes, dental implants are the best course of action. Other injuries could require different types of treatment. Only a qualified oral surgeon can make those determinations.

What to do

If an adult’s tooth is knocked out, that person should try to locate the tooth. Then put it back into place and immediately be seen by a dental surgeon for diagnosis and treatment.

Before placing it back into the mouth, it should be rinsed clean with water, if possible. The tooth should only be handled by the crown. Once it has been replaced in the mouth, the person should use a washcloth or handkerchief to bite down upon to hold the tooth in place while being transported.

The sooner a tooth is re-implanted into its socket, the more likely it will successfully embed itself. If it is impossible to position the tooth back into the mouth, it should be placed in milk and again, a dental surgeon should be contacted immediately.

Dental implants in Melbourne

If you are looking for an excellent oral surgeon, Melbourne, Fl, is the perfect place to find the doctor who can make a real difference. Dr. Steve A. Sedaros’ practice treats these types of dental problems, including tooth replacement with dental implants, if the original tooth cannot be embedded.

Dental implants in Melbourne are not all the same. Those performed by Dr. Sedaros are undertaken to the highest possible standards. Through Dr. Sedaros’ extensive education, he is one of the most highly competent Oral Surgeons in Melbourne, FL. He specializes in corrective surgeries, diseases associated with the neck and head, and more.

Facial Trauma

Dr. Sedaros is an expert in the field of facial and oral surgery and understands the ideal treatments needed when someone loses a tooth. He is educated in the areas of facial reconstruction and rehabilitation and even understands the emotional implications of losing a tooth.

When someone is injured in the face, Dr. Sedaros’s special training involves his acute understanding of how his treatment will provide his patients’ long-term appearance and function.

Treatment for Maxillofacial Trauma

There are many different concerns when a patient is presented to Dr. Sedaros after a tooth has been knocked out. Dr. Sedaros has been trained to recognize whether an injury to the face is a soft tissue injury, a fractured bone or an injury that occurs in regions of the face, such as the eyes, the nerves of the face or the salivary glands.

When a patient comes in with a tooth that has been knocked out, the doctor conducts a careful examination to determine whether one or more of these areas has been affected.

In addition to the obvious concern of providing suturing for facial injuries, the doctor looks for and treats any additional injuries in the mouth area. Dr. Sedaros is an outstanding oral surgeon in Melbourne, FL. He understands how to diagnose and treat all types of facial and oral problems.

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Dr. Sedaros also understands how to treat bone injuries that occur in the face area. These types of injuries are treated similarly to injuries that happen to other parts of the body. They require special treatments, since casts can’t be used to set facial bones. Contact Dr. Steve Sedaros to schedule an appointment.