Diabetes and Tooth Loss

At Sedaros Oral and Facial Surgery, we offer comprehensive oral surgery services as well as dental implants. Our services are focused on preserving your oral and total body health. Did you know that poor oral care can contribute to the development of diabetes? We are your Melbourne oral surgery associates for total body care and disease prevention.

95% of US adults with diabetes also have periodontal disease. 1/3 of those patients’ periodontal disease is so advanced that tooth loss has occurred. This isn’t a causal relationship, necessarily, but we do know that periodontal disease and diabetes are copresent in many patients. In order to fend off diabetes, then, it may be wise to take steps to prevent periodontal disease.

Removal of damaged or diseased teeth and placement of dental prosthodontics are essential steps in preventing further decay and, in turn, preserving total body health. Call us now for your Melbourne oral surgery needs and we will help get your oral care aligned with your overall health care and diabetes prevention measures.