Dental Implants Most Effective at Protecting Existing Teeth

A new study in the Journal of Prosthodontic Research compared how patients’ natural teeth fared after tooth loss when (1) implant-supported fixed dentures were placed, (2) removable partial dentures were used, and (3) no prosthodontics were used and missing teeth were left as open spaces. The results are conclusive: you should see your Melbourne FL oral surgeon for your dental implants today!

The study included over 75 patients who had at least two missing teeth. They were classified into three groups (whether they have dental implants, removable partial dentures, or no treatment) and then each patient’s particular dental make-up was classified into one of 5 subcategories to reflect their particular type of tooth loss.

Results indicate that the most effective way to preserve existing teeth is through fixed dental implants. Partial dentures also show improvement over no treatment, but not to the same effect. If you suffer from tooth loss and want to preserve remaining teeth, dental implants are the safest and most effective option to preserve your smile without additional tooth loss. Call Sedaros Oral Surgery today to protect your existing teeth with dental implants.