As an oral surgeon Melbourne, FL residents rely on, the use of next-generation technology proves invaluable to the services we provide. One of the innovations that helped revolutionize dental surgery practices is the “dental cone beam computed tomography.” This is also known as the Cone Beam CT.

This state-of-the-art imaging device allows our team of experienced dental professionals to create 3-D images. With a single pass, images of your teeth, gums, bone structure, and nerve pathways are quickly captured. Additionally, the clarity of this technology helps deliver the quality dental surgery Melbourne community members deserve. At Sedaros Oral Facial Surgery and Dental Implants, we want to share how the use of technology continues to support improved dental procedures. The following is what you need to know about our use of Cone Beam CT imaging.

How Does A Cone Beam CT Work?

As a patient, expect to sit or lie down comfortably as the imaging equipment is used. Your position is decided based on the type of examination. A complete overview of your mouth is taken, and a 360-degree scan takes less than one minute. If a localized image is needed, that usually only takes about 10-15 seconds.

Reasons for a Cone Beam CT Scan

  • Planning surgery to correct impacted teeth
  • Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) analysis
  • Placing dental implants accurately
  • Identifying and treating jaw disorders
  • Locating the source of pain or pathologies
  • Analyzing the jaw, nerves, teeth, and nasal cavity, etc.
  • Understanding tooth placement and surrounding bone structure
  • Reconstructive surgical procedures

A traditional CT scan provides a picture of the body by integrating multiple x-rays on a computer. A Cone Beam CT takes this technology to the next level. It projects a radiating cone that makes a single pass around the affected area. In dental surgery, this is typically the mouth and surrounding facial area. The multiple x-rays that are quickly and safely generated are reconstructed into a 3-D image using algorithms. But given the fact that both a Cone Beam and a traditional CT scan generate 3-D images, why should dental patients favor one over the other?

Proven Benefits Of A Cone Beam CT Scan

To say everyday people gain a significant health benefit by working with a dental surgeon who utilizes Cone Beam CT technology would be an understatement. Perhaps the greatest concern regarding x-ray equipment is the radiation. Although even the latest CT machinery has managed to lower radiation, Cone Beam innovations drive those numbers much lower.

In a common CT scan, a patient is typically exposed to radiation hundreds of times the amount deployed by the Cone Beam method. If the outdated CT requires scans of the maxilla (upper jaw) and mandible (lower jaw) separately, the amount of radiation can double. Cone Beam technology captures and images the maxilla and mandible in one pass. For people who need dental implants in Melbourne, that radiation can accumulate over your lifetime.

Proven Benefits

  • Image Clarity: While radiation reductions are gained by using the technology, it also puts an enhanced focus on a single, minute area. For example, a Cone Beam CT can highlight a single tooth root from multiple perspectives.
  • Maps Jawbone: The next-generation technology provides clear and comprehensive imaging of the jawbone. This benefit helps improve dental implant surgery, among other procedures.
  • Soft Tissue & Teeth Imaging: Having an accurate picture of the gums, nerves, and teeth increases the clarity of implant placement and helps avoid misalignments.

The Cone Beam CT process is far quicker than other methods, painless, and entirely non-invasive. However, the patient must stay still during the process or repeat scans might be necessary. When the process is complete, no residual radiation will remain in your body. Additionally, that’s another way next-generation technology makes dental imaging safer than ever before.

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