One of the main reasons that many people may hesitate to get the dental implants that they need is that they don’t want to undergo a very time-consuming series of procedures. This is one of many reasons that Sedaros Oral Surgery now offers Teeth-In-An-Hour, a revolutionary new way to get the stunning and highly functional smile you want in only about one hour. Here’s what you need to know about Teeth-In-An-Hour.

Is it Really Just an Hour?

Yes! Teeth-In-An-Hour can give you dental implants in only one hour. Nobel Biocare designed Teeth-In-An-Hour to allow for more patient convenience and less wasted time. In the past, traditional dental implant patients had to get the framework for the implants placed surgically and then wait for months before they could get the functional tooth prosthetics. This waiting period could be as much as six months in some cases.

The Teeth-In-An-Hour technique allows strong and functioning prosthetic teeth during a one hour visit to our office. The surgery itself takes just an hour, although you will need a brief prep period of a few weeks up to a month.

The Teeth-In-An-Hour Process: The Easiest Way to Get Dental Implants Today

The Teeth-In-An-Hour process starts with a thorough evaluation with Dr. Sedaros. The evaluation will include complete X-rays to help Dr. Sedaros determine whether Teeth-In-An-Hour is the right choice for you. A three-dimensional computer model of your jaw and your data files then go to the Nobel Biocare laboratory if Dr. Sedaros determines that you’re a good candidate for Teeth-In-An-Hour.

The Nobel Biocare laboratory creates a specific surgical guide and your customized prosthetics based on your specific information. These things are then sent to Dr. Sedaros and your dental implant surgery is scheduled. The surgical guide from Nobel Biocare allows for a level of precision that was never possible with dental implants in the past. There aren’t even any sutures — and most patients don’t experience serious pain or swelling with Teeth-In-An-Hour.

Recovery After Teeth-In-An-Hour

For many people, one of the most difficult parts of traditional dental implants has always been the recovery. Fortunately, Teeth-In-An-Hour takes a whole new approach to recovery — the easy one! The majority of Teeth-In-An-Hour patients go back home and resume their regular routine as soon as the hour-long surgery is over. You can return to work, exercise, and spend time with your loved ones right away.

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of the faster and easier recovery offered by Teeth-In-An-Hour is eating. You’ll be able to eat normally almost right away. You won’t have to spend weeks on a soft diet or deal with pain constantly. As you grow used to your new dental implants, you might want to use a bit of extra care while eating. It may take a few days to get used to the feel of the implants in your mouth, especially if you opt for full mouth implants. However, in a very short order, you’ll feel like the dental implants have always been part of your mouth!

How Does the Cost Compare to Traditional Dental Implants?

The cost of Teeth-In-An-Hour may be higher than that of traditional dental implants, but the enormous advantages of this technique compensate for any added cost. You’ll have much less downtime, less pain, less swelling, and you’ll avoid dealing with sutures. Best of all, you’ll spend literally one hour in the dentist’s chair to get your new dental implants installed.

Teeth-In-An-Hour gives anyone who has lost teeth — or has to get teeth extractions — the chance to get a fresh new smile that works just a well as their natural teeth ever did. If you’re thinking about dental implants and want a fast treatment option that still gives great results, Teeth-In-An-Hour might be perfect for you.

Dr. Sedaros at Sedaros Oral Surgery is here to give you the customized and compassionate care that you deserve. Whether it’s dental implants or some other type of oral surgery, we can help. Contact Sedaros Oral Surgery today to learn more about Teeth-In-An-Hour!