At Sedaros Oral Surgery our goal is to provide you with a healthy and functional mouth. If you suffer from misaligned jaws or an improper bite then orthognathic surgery may be the right treatment option for you. While orthodontics can correct bite problems concerning teeth, orthognathic surgery is required when misalignment stems from the jaws.

Because jaw growth occurs gradually, the upper and lower jaw may grow at different rates. Jaw misalignment can result in several problems that have the ability to negatively impact speech, chewing, appearance, and long-term oral health. Birth defects or trauma may also result in improper jaw placement. If you have difficulty chewing, biting, or swallowing, or you suffer from an open bite, protruding jaw, speech problems, breathing problems, or chronic jaw pain then orthognathic surgery may be the solution.

As your Melbourne, Florida oral surgery associates we look forward to improving the aesthetics and the function of your mouth and jaws. Contact our office to schedule an evaluation to determine whether you can benefit from orthognathic surgery.