The summer to-do list isn’t quite complete, and you’re looking at a new school year ahead for your kids. If your teenager’s wisdom tooth removal was something you’d hoped to accomplish while school was out, don’t fear. Take a peek at the calendar and call us now to plan your appointment for your child’s next school break.

It’s important to be proactive about wisdom tooth removal. Most wisdom tooth problems occur between ages 15 and 25. Don’t wait for dental crowding to undo the work of those years in braces or for pain to set in. The best time to plan for wisdom tooth removal is before a problem begins. And before the early twenties, the tooth’s roots are still developing and the jaw bone is less dense, making extraction simpler and recovery faster. After the procedure, plan for at least 24 hours of rest and a few days of soft foods.

We invite you to contact us about the best time to schedule your student’s wisdom tooth removal now. With proper planning, we can make sure you’re seen during school breaks or when your college student is home for the holidays. And you’ll get to enjoy babying your big kid during the happiest times of the year!