At Sedaros Oral Surgery, we’re committed to surgical solutions for even the toughest cases. If your prosthodontist has recommended dental implants but you lack the bone structure required for placement, we have good news! This month, the American Dental Association announced that scientists have developed a biopatch that allows for bone regeneration before dental implant placement.

The biopatch allows proteins to speed up bone growth so that missing anchor bone can be replaced before dental implant placement. Bones degenerate naturally over time, and when teeth have been missing due to accident, injury, or decay, the underlying bone can deteriorate more rapidly. The biopatch makes up for this loss by providing a simple way to prepare the jaw bone for effective implant placement.

The biopatch technology is cost-effective and has show positive outcomes in trials. While testing continues, it’s possible that bone regeneration using a biopatch could become standard in dental implant cases in coming years. Before your dental implants are surgically placed, be sure to contact us at Sedaros Oral Surgery to learn whether a biopatch would be beneficial in your case.