In a recent blog we discussed distraction osteogenesis as a treatment method for selected deformities and defects of the oral and facial skeleton. But what can osteogenesis do for you? Distraction osteogenesis offers multiple benefits to patients.

If you’re in need of a facial or oral deformity or defect correction, you’ve certainly come to the right place. As your oral surgeon in Melbourne, FL, Dr. Sedaros has successfully treated numerous patients utilizing state-of-the-art distraction osteogenesis techniques. Here are just some of the benefits patients seeking distraction osteogenesis will find vs. traditional treatment methods:

  • With distraction osteogenisis patients typically experience less pain and swelling.
  • There is no need for bone grafts which means no additional surgical site.
  • Osteogenesis typically results in greater stability when used in major cases in which significant movement of bony segments are involved.

With distraction osteogenesis, it’s important to note that the patient must visit their oral surgeon in Melbourne, FL frequently in the weeks following the procedure. This is necessary so that Dr. Sedaros can monitor for infection and also educate the patient on how to activate the appliance.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of distraction, contact our office today to schedule your initial appointment.