As your dental surgeon in Melbourne, Dr. Sedaros is a dentist first. He has a comprehensive understanding of your teeth, allowing him to provide you with the ultimate care regarding dental implants, tooth extraction, and so many other dental health related services. That’s why we’d like to share a few foods to avoid in order to keep your teeth as healthy as possible!

  • Hard candy. While the occasional sucker or lollipop is ok, constantly exposing your teeth to sugar can cause unwanted cavities. Chewing on these candies can also cause a dental emergency such as a broken tooth.
  • Ice. Ice is refreshing and can be difficult to turn down. But it’s not good for your teeth. Chewing on ice can damage your tooth enamel and result in a dental emergency situation.
  • Caffeine. Don’t panic, an occasional cup of coffee (or daily cup for heavy drinkers) won’t harm your dental health. But do keep in mind that caffeine can dry out your mouth, causing cavities. Drinking plenty of water will help reduce risk of cavities.
  • Potato chips. Potato chips are indeed delicious. But how do your teeth feel about them? The starch found in potato chips is prone to getting caught in your teeth causing a buildup of plaque.

At Sedaros Oral Surgery we hope that these tips help you preserve your teeth for a lifetime to come. Should you incur a dental emergency or if you have any questions for your dental surgeon in Melbourne, please contact our office today.