Jaw surgery or orthognathic surgery is one of the most difficult surgeries to perform and is never done without serious consideration by an oral surgeon. There are many reasons why jaw surgery may be considered however. After a careful evaluation, Dr. Sedaros your Melbourne Oral Surgeon will be able to let you know if jaw surgery is right for your particular case. Here are a few reasons why you may need to consider jaw surgery.

Trauma – First and foremost is facial trauma. Broken jaws are a major cause for reconstructive jaw surgery. The severity of the reconstruction will depend on the severity of the trauma. After an evaluation by an oral surgeon, many steps may be taken to restore your jaw to its full function.

Upper Jaw – Surgery performed on the upper jaw is a must for patients with a cross bite, receded upper jaw, or an open bite. Each can be corrected by jaw surgery. The upper jaw will be repositioned to correct the bite, and heal in a way that creates optimal function.

Lower Jaw – Lower Jaw surgery can fix many problems. It can help with severe cases of TMJ, and other painful malocclusions. The jaw is able to be repositioned to correct bite, alleviate pressure and once healed the patient will be pain free.

Jaw surgery is no easy task. Oral surgeons understand the fragility they face when reconstructing or correcting a patient’s jaw. If you have questions about what your options are for your malocclusion or facial trauma, and are wondering if surgery is your best option, contact our office today. Treating each patient and case as an individual allows Dr. Sedaros to accurately diagnose your condition and inform you if surgery is the best option, or if there is a non-surgical solution to your problem.